Our Leadership


Sherman White Jr., RPh 

Jeffrey Veal Sr. RPh, and Sherman White Jr. and RPh, both graduates of Howard University’s College of Pharmacy in 1971, and 1978 respectively, together founded 200 Pharmacy Inc. in 1980. After both Pharmacist originally pursued their careers at national retail, and large hospital pharmacies, they decided to come together to pursue their vision of serving their community. Starting as one of few pharmacies offering medication delivery service, and compounding custom medication formulations for prominent physicians, Mr. Veal and Mr. White decided to expand their business by incorporating home medical supplies and equipment to its service offerings.

 In addition to owning and operating 200 Pharmacy Inc. both owners have maintained a commitment to serving the community through volunteerism and continuing education in the health care field, allowing Mr. White to be given an “Excellence in Innovation” award from the Illinois Pharmacist Association. Additional affiliations and certificates include: Membership in the Chicago Pharmacist Association, National Pharmacist Association, and the National Association of Community Pharmacist. Certifications include: Diabetes, and Asthma Education, Compounding, and Medical Supply certificates.