• Burn Calories While you Sleep with this Bedtime Smoothie


    Do you have trouble sleeping? How well are you handling the stressors in your life?  Your first thought might be to try sleep aids but there are natural remedies that help too.

    Try our Sleep Support Smoothie recipe and tell us what you think!

    Liquid nutrition, including smoothies, shakes, or medical foods, can provide an outstanding foundation for those concerned with nutritional indications including weight management, prenatal nutrition, diabetes management, cancer treatment, and more.

    Additionally, liquid nutrition does not require the same extensive digestion that is found in solid food. Solid foods require more enzymes and break down than liquid nutrition. Nutrients are absorbed more easily and efficiently through liquids.

    With these smoothies, you decide how you will achieve your nutritional needs. By choosing specific ingredients, you control your calorie, sugar, and sodium intake. You can enhance and fortify your smoothie to achieve exceptional nutritional support.

    To make your smoothie base, follow this step-by-step guide!

    For a smoothie that helps induce sleep and a normal sleep cycle, add the following 200 Pharmacy ingredients to make a Sleep Support Smoothie:


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